Castings / production of full casting substitutes from solid material

A common requirement from the clients is processing of iron castings – usually in terms of materials, it is cast iron with lamellar graphite – ie. gray cast iron mostly of the type EN GJL-250. It is a well workable material with relatively low strength and toughness. Increasingly however, consumers require castings of ductile iron (spheroidal graphite iron), which has compairing to the cast iron a higher content of carbon and silicon, as well as improved mechanical properties (tensile strength, etc.). From the used materials can be named EN-GJS-400-18, EN-GJS-500-7 or EN-GJS-600-3 and EN-GJS-700-3. We manufacture gearboxes, guides, levers, connecting rods and the like. Wherever there is investment in modeling equipment uneconomical (eg. small series of complex shapes) the companz SKOL Ltd. reacts by offering alternatives – from solid material (conti-cast rods).