Broad portfolio of our products for a variety of engineering branches

The company SKOL Ltd. specializes in the production of engineering components primarily for petrochemical, agricultural and typesetting industry.

An exception are not even deliveries to other industries, the company tries to ensure projects with higher added value – a complex machinery allows achieving accuracy IT6, in the case of special requirements to IT5 – IT4 .

The product quality is continuously monitored, the deliveries of finished parts are standardly equipped by mer protocols, according to then also material certificates 3.1, or the transmission report marking (pressure vessels) – according to the requirements of Directive 97/23 / EC.

Here you can find photos of the finished products, but also images of completed projects during implementation

Our products are the best references.

Project of the construction and implementation of a rolling cutter

Moving cutter utilizing technology of a precise style are very demanding on its design and precise production. Complexity of the design of the cutter proves the amount of time spent by the designer on the development of the tool and technological sophistication in its production, where many parts are cut by means of electroerosion or finalized at very precise finishing grinders.

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The project of the eccentric assembly of the type “roller-carrier” for offset printing

The production of these components has been implemented within the upgrade of the newspaper rotary press Community in the printer of the Swedish company AB Örnsköldsvik Allehanda in Örnsköldsvik in which the company SKOL Ltd. participated by means of the delivery of the eccentric assemblies of the "cylinder + clevis" characterized also by enormous demands on dimensional accuracy (IT3 - IT4) and geometric tolerances (accuracy of eccentricity of 0.025 mm at a diameter of 200-300 mm).

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Dimensionally complicated milled parts

Although recently (and still constitute) a majority of manufactured positions in the company formed rotating parts, in recent years there have seen a significant demand for complex milling components with higher value added.

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Company SKOL Ltd. has an assembly department, whose skilled workers are able to complete a plethora of smaller or medium-sized assemblies. Manufactured Projects are assembly lines of bandsaw blades for a number of Italian buyers, ratchets, locks and a lot of examples from various sectors.

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Pressure vessels – body filters, clutches, ball valves bodies

SKOL Company Ltd. implemented in the past more than fifteen years, a wide range of supply of pressure vessels, mainly for the petrochemical industry. These include filtration units, couplings, hydraulic fittings, body ball valves, seals, level, and many other components and assemblies.

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Gearbox of the worm gear of the rotary printing press

One of the most comprehensive projects up to now is a gearbox of a worm gear as a part of a rotary printing press, of which there have been produced hundreds of pieces in recent years. Construction of the worm gear is designed as a mixed, ie. cylindrical worm and globoid worm wheel, which entails higher production costs and increased demands on accuracy and quality of processing.

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Castings / production of full casting substitutes from solid material

A common requirement from the clients is processing of iron castings - usually in terms of materials, it is cast iron with lamellar graphite - ie. gray cast iron mostly of the type EN GJL-250. It is a well workable material with relatively low strength and toughness. From the other used materials can be named EN-GJS-400-18, EN-GJS-500-7 or EN-GJS-600-3 and EN-GJS-700-3.

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Machine components made of stainless steel, nonferrous metals and plastics

Although in the machined materials predominate steel products, approximately 20% of production is realized in stainless steel, 10-15% of the products are then manufactured from non-ferrous metals and plastics. As for stainless steel - they are especially pressure vessels, sealing rings etc.

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