Gearbox of the worm gear of the rotary printing press

One of the most comprehensive projects until now is a worm gear as part of a rotary printing press, of which we have produced hundreds of pieces in the recent years. Construction of the worm gear is designed as a mixed, ie. cylindrical worm and globoid worm wheel, which entails higher production costs and increased demands on accuracy and quality of workmanship. At the screw from the material 20NCD2 (BS970 805A20) – that 21NiCrMo2 a helix angle of 20 ° is prescribed cementation-hardening and finish grinding, while the worm wheel is made of high quality alloy UZ19A6 (BS1400 HTB3), ie. CuZn19Al6. The entire gear together with the other parts of the assembly mounted in a housing made of cast iron type EN-GJL 250. The assembly was ready supplied including all fasteners, bearings, etc., as well as a set of spare parts for the customer service center.