Control and quality assurance workplace

In-process and final inspection without compromise

At SKOL Ltd. quality control is provided by qualified personnel from the department OTK, which is equipped mainly by 3D measuring coordinate machine DEA GLOBAL Performance 7.10.5. offering a wide range of measuring instruments including scanning technology and point scanning, including rolling contact probe, to achieve the highest performance in the industry working environment of the company. The department is also equipped with 1 + 1D linear measuring machine Mitutoyo, a comprehensive range of high quality and regularly calibrated linear meter (micrometers, calipers), threaded and dimensional gauges parallel end gauges, kept in top condition, devices for monitoring surface structure, hardness, etc. . In-process control is further ensured by a series of linear measuring machines (Mitutoyo, Sylvac) placed directly on the workplaces, together with a complete range of precision workshop gauges and calibers.

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