Design and Technology department

teaching of skills: key to efficient production process

Achieving the highest levels of the production process (especially) of the machined components belongs in the company SKOL Ltd. to the main priorities. Technical Division, which provides the required targets, in the company consists of design workplade and technological preparation of production workplace, which currently employs four workers.

The basic working tool of the design workplace are powerful PC stations equipped with regularly upgraded CAD system SoliWorks 2014 – proven innovative tool for solid modeling. Intuitive control allows not only a productive preparation of drawings, but also the follow-up training programs for CNC machine tools.

As a fully integrated CAM system in the CAD system SolidWorks is used SolidCAM, which as a plug modul SolidWorks provides an inexhaustible range of options and features for defining machining operations, including simulations before fabrication process.

A separate section within the TPV training is a workplace of production planning, which is often directly connected to the CAD / CAM – especially accurate data from simulations, which provides a high accuracy of the estimate of in-process times as a basic parameter for determining the date of delivery to the customer.

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