Expedition, packaging

Quality, reliable, safe transportation is natural for us

Department of packaging and shipping prepares weekly for loading dozens of shipments to customers from many countries, who have the highest demands on the security of their parts against damage during transportation and handling. In close cooperation with customers, we use both highly durable cardboard boxes in terms of smaller shipments and mainly EUR pallets and boxes made of solid wood after heat or chemical treatment (with certified ISPM15 / Nimfa 15) – in the context of used crates or pallets are parts according to the requirements stored in boxes, according to the character individually packaged and protected “bubble wrap” foil or plastic mesh). Environmental cleaning and degreasing of finished products is ensured by ADS degreasing systems PureSolve. An integral part of the package is understandably a careful preservation of parts against corrosion. We use preservatives from companies Broughton (Rust Veto) or Castrol.

In the case of interest we provide clients a “just in time” supply from operating warehouses where we systematically monitor and evaluate the minimum and maximum amounts so as to be able to supply the of several working days – usually directly in the final assembly process by the customer.

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