See our machinery for the production of flat and shaped workpieces

CNC milling

Robust CNC centres enabling a wide range of services in the field of numerically controlled milling

Department of CNC milling is located in the middle of the production hall and includes five precision machining centers: one four-axis horizontal (Daewoo ACE HP500) - with an indexed (1 °) fourth rotation axis and two pallet system for machininghydraulic blocks, gearbox housings, filter housings and similar types of products.

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Conventional milling

Flexible and cost-attractive production on machines with manual operation

Although in the company SKOL Ltd. conventional milling is typically used to prepare semifinished products (especially roughing) for demanding operations on CNC milling centers, there are a number of works, where the deployment of conventional machines is more economical, or even the only method available to produce the required part.

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