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CNC Turning

Technologically advanced and powerful CNC turning machines as a key to high value added parts

SKOL Company Ltd.own twelve powerful CNC lathes. The first part consists of five rod CNC machines equipped with feeders of metallurgical materials that are usually used for a series of hundreds or tens of thousands of pieces, from diameters in the range of about 3-25 mm (Gildemeister GLD-16 and Gildemeister GLD-25) in the range of 25- 65mm (GS Index 42 Index GE 42).

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Conventional turning

Flexible and cost-attractive production on machines with manual operation

The use of CNC machines does not have to be economically advantageous. Wherever a relatively long time to adjust CNC lathe for an easy work and piece production could exceed the budget of the contract, workplace conventional lathes workplaces come into play. But this is also about simple routine tasks such as chamferingpar after clamping, threading and other operations on rotating parts, oron the contrary precision finishing of components sensitive to hydraulic clamping by CNC machines, etc.

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